BricsCAD Lite is the standard, most affordable BricsCAD module for 2D drafting. Learn more about the software below.


BricsCAD Lite Features

  • Familiar CAD 
    BricsCAD Lite offers a familiar user interface, utilising the same standard full command, script, macro and menu compatibility that experienced CAD users are accustomed to. No adjustment period needed - just get set up and go.
  • Highly compatible with AutoCAD® LT 2021 
    100% compatible with printers, templates, blocks and sheet set layouts from your current CAD software, BricsCAD Lite is easy to migrate to. The software uses the same command names, aliases and system variables as AutoCAD, and utilises industry standard DWG to ensure the highest level of compatibility across CAD users.
  • LISP Routines 
    BricsCAD Lite is based on OpenLISP and designed to run existing LISP routines which may have been developed in AutoCAD and other CAD platforms. New LISP routines can be developed within the BricsCAD LISP Advanced Development Environment (BLADE).
  • Use your AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks in BricsCAD 
    Created Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD? Take full control of them from directly within BricsCAD, with the same stretch, flip, and rotate features.
  • Efficient CAD 
    Designed to help engineers, architects and designers work more efficiently, BricsCAD encompasses a range of unique tools powered by machine learning technologies which can help to reduce the time needed to get tasks to completion.
  • Fast and Stable CAD 
    Work with large files smoothly and seamlessly, with no drop in efficiency or slowing down of the process.

    BricsCAD is 2.7x faster when opening 500+ dwg files, and runs advanced LISP routines 2.8x faster than the industry standard AutoCAD.
  • Take real advantage of multi-core CPU's 
    BricsCAD assists in speeding up product performance for file loads, drawing generation and rendering by supporting multi-threaded, multi-processor operations.
BricsCAD Lite