MSC ONE Applications

Generative Design


MSCOne can provide comprehensive generative design capabilities with access to MSC Apex Generative Design. With access to the integrated modeller and solver, Apex is well equipped to iteratively evaluate a design with optimized automation.


APEX Generative Design

MSC Apex Generative Design provides a truly end to end solution for designers making high-precision, industrial components. Users have experienced 80% reductions in initial design and setup time by combining multiple steps, from a starting geometry through preparation to optimisation.

MSC Apex Generative Design is based on Finite Element Analysis but, unlike traditional methods, does not use a density field, rather utilizes a very fine mesh with well-defined elements. 

Set the specifications, sit back, relax and then enjoy targeted design suggestions delivered rapidly.

  • Simplicity
    No expert knowledge required for conducting optimisations through a high user-focused software design.
  • Automated Design
    Almost automatically generate multiple smoothed design candidates that all satisfy the design criteria while minimizing the weight.
  • Import and Validation
    Import existing geometries or mesh, find optimized design candidates, and perform design validation - all inside a single CAE environment.
  • Direct Output
    Export geometry that can be directly manufactured and used immediately without manual re-work.
  • One Process
    Import the resulting geometries in Simufact Additive or Digimat AM to achieve cost-efficient first-time-right result for every part.
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