Structural Design and Analysis: Modification Of Existing Structures And New Vessel Support Frame





Civil & Structural Engineering, Stress Analysis




The challenge

As part of a larger plant upgrade program, a new access platform is required to enable access to instruments and valves. DOCAN Ltd have been contracted to perform the structural design and analysis for modification of the existing structure.

vessel support frame design

The DOCAN solution

Firstly, a structural analysis consists of the existing supporting beams, existing tower structure, new platform and pipe supports and a separate support structure to the west has been modelled.

The following analysis was performed using STAAD Pro. Load cases considered included:

  • Self-weight of the structure, piping and vessel
  • Live loading
  • Characteristic wind loading calculated to BS EN 1991-1-4

Additionally, a reinforcement plan of the existing structural framing is recommended due to high utilisation in analysis, coupled with unknowns such as material grades and corrosion, which raises some concerns.

structural design of vessel support frame

The outcome

DOCAN has designed and assessed a new access platform modified from the existing frame. Combined with additional reinforcement of the existing frame, the new platform provided adequate and safe support for the client’s requirements.