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Advanced Fitness for Service Assessments are one of our specialist consultancy services here at DOCAN. We help clients across many industries ensure the integrity of their assets for continued operation, through a combination of in-house expertise and industry-leading software packages.

Performing Fitness for Service Assessments on any critical asset requires complete precision to accurately measure structural integrity and remaining life prediction. We leverage state-of-the-art tools to ensure we can provide our clients with a robust solution that optimises asset performance, minimises downtime and mitigates the risk of catastrophic failure.

By integrating specialist assessment software, we can perform detailed and accurate assessments of complex scenarios and determine remediation solutions to ensure compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.


Featured Software

Technology-led solutions are a key deliverable of our Fitness for Service Assessments, and the key to providing our clients with the most effective outcome is by strategically utilising specialist software such as those listed below.


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Whether you want to determine the fitness of in-service pressure vessels, storage tanks or pipework, we can help.


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