Civil & Structural Engineering Consultants


Combining sophisticated civil and structural engineering techniques with advanced design, assessment and simulation methods, we help clients to deliver efficient, practical and feasible fully engineered structures.


DOCAN’s civil & structural engineering expertise

Our team of Civil / Structural Engineers, Designers and Consultants can offer a complete engineering consultancy service; addressing all aspects of design, construction and feasibility.

The scope of our work covers everything from basic concept designs to larger complex and challenging projects, providing expertise in the R&D, FEED, Detailed Design, Retrofits, all the way to operational aspects such as Fitness for Service/Damage Tolerance, Post Damage Assessment and Decommissioning.

As a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, we combine our expertise across all disciplines of Engineering – design, assessment, simulation & analysis to bring Civil and Structural engineering projects to life. We can work in collaboration with your Project Managers and Engineers, your Structural Team, Construction Contractors and Fabricators throughout all phases of the project. We also have partnerships with several companies which enable us to offer a full design and build service.

civil and structural engineering consultancy

Our experience

We have a proven track record of delivering on successful projects for both conventional and advanced structures, with current projects focused on the aspects of greenfield, brownfield, retrofit, damage tolerance, post damage withstand, code comparison, extreme loading events (seismic, impact, explosion, etc), vibration and dynamic events, sequential construction analysis as well as Fitness for Service and Decommissioning projects.

Our experienced engineers have worked on a wide scope of projects across various industries (Nuclear, O&G, Offshore/Marine, Subsea, Jigs and Fixtures of large assemblies), finding creative solutions to complex challenges.

civil engineering of structural steelwork

Some of our recent work includes the lifting analysis of a 400 Te piece of equipment (top and tail analysis, collapse assessment, design of lifting set and local components), sea fastening of shipping container offshore, structural design of downstream structures supporting process system, design of ducting support steelwork, seismic assessment of process support structures, sequential construction design and analysis of major process system, R&D design of a structure for an extreme military thrust system, vibration assessment of a large offshore structure subject to rotating equipment out of balance vibration, including retrofits, and mitigation.

With a transferable set of skills, experience and knowledge we can apply the same techniques to both these types of large complex applications and smaller-scale structural projects such as the design of simple walkways, platforms and frames.

structural steelwork

Specialist civil & structural engineering services

Beyond what is considered the norm in the application of civil and structural engineering (though we do that, too), DOCAN’s advanced expertise is often required in more specialist areas such as:

  • Non-Linear Static
    There are many situations where the classic structural analysis methods are unsuitable, such as post damage assessment, damage tolerance, post buckling, or non-linear buckling, load shedding, etc.

    We often utilise non-linear methods using either expert Structural software such as STAAD/SAP2000, as well as high end non-linear solvers such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN and LS-Dyna.
  • Structural dynamics
    We can assess structural dynamic behaviour using static methods, modal and harmonic analysis, spectrum/frequency response, random vibration, Power Spectral Density (PSD), to full transient response, shock, impact and explosion using hand calculation, high-level programming, expert software and full FEA.

    We tend to use these methods when simple static methods are unsuitable – i.e. typically within Nuclear, Offshore, Subsea, Heavy or Sensitive Machinery or Equipment and known fault or failure issues. We can also account for issues such as Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) such as Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV), Cavitation, Explosion etc.
  • Fitness for Service, Criticality Assessments, Load Limits, and Failure Investigation
    We are often engaged in reviewing structures and equipment which are already in place, either as brownfield or some form of operational, post-damage or failure investigation. This may require using codes of practice (BS7910, IStrucE/MICE publications, API579), and look at fire damage, concrete cancer, metallurgical damage, load increases, fatigue and so on.
  • Specialist situations
    Such as post-collapse decommissioning, or decommissioning of huge equipment over high-risk or specialist load applications (i.e. offshore with wave loading, or lift over high-risk equipment), or structures with moving/fluid loads. We also complete sequential construction sequence analysis.
  • Codes and Standards
    At DOCAN we have years of experience using a wide variety of methods, codes and standards, based on ASD and LRFD principals. We often work with National codes such as BS5950, BS5500, AISC 360, Eurocodes, ASME III NF (Class 1, 2, 3), API RP 2A, DNV, Lloyds Register, ABS and others.
specialist structural engineering

Engineering surveying services

In addition to our strong engineering background, we have expertise in surveying techniques and are developing this part of the business through our partnerships with state-of-the-art surveying technology companies.

Advanced equipment, such as the Leica RTC360, P40 long-range scanner, and Total Station allows for accurate scans of large areas in a short time while capturing all details.

In combination with the industry-leading software, we have all the tools necessary to provide a complete turnkey surveying solution, including reverse engineering of existing equipment and installation of new equipment.

laser scan of bridge structural engineering work

Info pack

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Why work with DOCAN?

A successful Civil or Structural Engineering project relies on the development of engineering concepts that understand and facilitate the design, with a clear understanding of requirements and risks.

Working with DOCAN provides you direct access to this advanced level of skill and knowledge, from experienced Civil / Structural Engineers who have worked on a multitude of successful projects across all major disciplines.

From complete project management to filling a specific skill gap in your in-house team, we can integrate into as much or as little of your project as you require. Through every project, we always share the same goal as our clients and work collaboratively to get the job done and exceed expectations.

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