Reverse Engineering


DOCAN Professional Engineers have undertaken many projects that required reverse engineering of existing structures in order to develop, design and install new equipment.

In addition to our strong engineering background, we have expertise in engineering surveying techniques which is strengthened through our partnerships with state-of-the-art surveying technology companies, providing both macro-level and micro-level engineering surveying solutions.


Expert consultancy services

Advanced equipment, such as the Leica RTC360, P40 long range scanner, and Total Station allow for accurate scans of large areas in a short time, while the Leica Absolute Tracker and handheld scanners can be used for detailed scans on a smaller scale.

In combination with the CloudWorx, BricsCAD and Cyclone software, we have all the tools necessary to provide a full turnkey engineering surveying solution, including reverse engineering of existing equipment for design and installation of new structures, Fitness For Service Assessment, and re-design of damaged components.


Some of DOCAN’s previous reverse engineering projects include:

Power Recovery Train (PRT) Inlet Piping FEED, FFSA and repair.

  • Engineering surveying.
  • Development of 3D models of existing equipment.
  • Pipe Stress Analysis and FEA.
  • Design of attachments for decommissioning lifting.

Deisobutanizer Column FFSA and repair.

  • Detailed FEA and Level 3 FFSA of heavily corroded, +70m tall pressure vessel, based on Creaform surface scanning data.
  • Design of insert plate repairs and creation of repair drawing pack.

Pressure vessel decommissioning and super lift.

  • Reverse engineering and 3D CAD modelling for detailed mass and CoG calculations.
  • Design and assessment of lifting connection points for lifting over live refinery equipment.


  • 3D scanning of equipment.
  • Completing material hardness testing, ultrasonic thickness checks, materials composition analysis.
  • Design and verification of new parts to relevant design codes.
  • Creating engineering drawings (fabrication & machining) for new parts.

Info pack

To learn more about our reverse engineering consultancy services, download our info pack.


Why choose DOCAN as your reverse engineering consulting firm?

We’re a client-focused team, committed to delivering innovative services with quality, safety, and reliability at the forefront of everything that we do.

We work in a way which suits our clients. This could be as an independent engineering resource which provides high level engineering design, analysis and assessment services, through to providing turnkey project solutions. Or we could work alongside your in-house engineers, providing support, technology transfer services and training to meet your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable, professional company to oversee your project, a team of specialised engineers to fine-tune your systems and designs, or simply some technical advice – we can help.

Our consultancy services are scalable and can be tailored to your needs and schedules. Our professional engineers & consultants are ready to work as part of your team, in whatever way works for you.