Reverse Engineering for Manufacturing Drawings





CAD, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, Drawings




A manufacturing client had bought-in components that required manufacturing drawings for sending out Requests For Quote as part of a cost-saving exercise.


The challenge

To produce accurate dimensional drawings of parts with some complex curvature and features not easily measurable with simple measurement tools.

reverse engineering for manufacturing drawings

The DOCAN solution

Utilising our network of engineering connections, we cooperated with our partners at Petford Group to obtain metrological grade 3D scans of each component. These were used alongside hand measurements using a range of handheld measurement equipment including digital calipers, depth gauges, and telescopic gauges, in order to determine the nominal dimensions and the required tolerances.

Based on comparison to the as scanned component, the nominal CAD was ready to be used to form sufficient manufacturing drawings for component reproduction.

DOCAN scanning

The outcome

The client was issued formal manufacturing drawings to be used in querying potential new suppliers for supply of these parts.


Project summary

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