Our Core Tools

Structural Analysis Software


From designing new structures to evaluating existing ones for retrofitting and strengthening, DOCAN offers a wealth of expertise across structural analysis & engineering.

We work with clients in various industries to drive their successful structural engineering projects forward, from large complex applications to smaller-scale projects and everything in between. Delivering technology-led solutions is critical to bringing value to our client’s projects, and to guarantee this we utilise state-of-the-art structural analysis software.

The industry-leading software packages we use enable us to model complex geometries, simulate various loading scenarios, and assess structural behaviour under different conditions, ensuring designs meet safety standards and performance requirements.


Featured Software

For any structural analysis or design project, we’ll leverage the best tools that suit our client’s specific needs, often using a combination of software including those listed below.


Related consultancy service

We help clients to deliver fully engineered structures through sophisticated analysis, design & simulation methods.


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