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During 2020, DOCAN achieved certification for their ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) by developing existing processes gathered from the collective past experience of their team members and investing time into training regarding the specifics of the ISO 9001 2015 standard’s requirements.


The challenge

This training has given us experience in adapting and adopting systems with the focus of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction by incorporating consideration for the ISO requirements, and as such we can provide this service to others.

business management process and workflow

The DOCAN solution

By evaluating the status quo of a business and assessing the gaps, DOCAN can undertake documenting and training tasks as required to improve and standardize the client’s processes allowing them to realise business improvements without an investment in learning and understanding each aspect of an ISO 9001 compliant system.

quality management system

The outcome

Our services can help improve your quality systems without the need to allocate valuable internal resources to matters that aren’t the regular responsibilities of these personnel.


Project summary

TaskApplicationISO 9001 ExpertiseDropboxSite VisitRemote Meetings
Gap Analysis
OrganisationSystematic approach
Process MappingTeam coordination & collaboration