BricsCAD Applications

Building Information Modelling


BricsCAD’s Building Information Modelling encompasses a 3D workflow for design, construction documentation and manufactured building products. Learn more about the software below.



BricsCAD BIM Features

  • Classify,  replicate, automate
    Transform your concept study models into classified BIM models using the power of A.I. tools, and utilise BricsCAD’s A.I. powered workflows to increase the level of detail of your BIM.
  • Auto-classify building elements
    Save time with BIMIFY, which automatically assigns IFC entity classifications after analysing the geometry of each solid in the model so you don’t have to.
  • Auto-complete BIM data
    Streamline the process of completing BIM information across multiple entities and compositions with BricsCAD’s AUTOMATCH feature. The tool will identify compositions and make suggestions on adding these same properties across similar areas of the model.
  • Detailing & quantification
    BricsCAD software allows users to automatically add and duplicate information across their BIM, all whilst maintaining a supremely consistent level of accuracy and detail. Users can also export and send Bills of Materials from within the application.
  • Generate spectacular documentation
    Produce detailed, specific construction documentation within the BricsCAD application using automatic generation. Utilise the software’s tools to customise and annotate sections, elevations, drawing views and sheet layouts. The tool will automatically regenerate documentation with a change of BIM, to ensure everything remains in sync.