If you are an engineer that is looking to create complex hierarchies of parts and sub-assemblies, BricsCAD Mechanical could be for you.

Using bottom-up or top-down design methods, BricsCAD Mechanical users can deploy the Communicator for BricsCAD to import assemblies from different CAD systems, including Parametric geometry defined in those assemblies.


BricsCAD Mechanical Features

  • Parametric Standard Parts
    BricsCAD Mechanical boasts an in-depth library of over 30,000 standard mechanical components and 800+ different types. Customisable parameters are a guarantee with the software, too.
  • Assembly Joints, Kinematic Analysis and Animation
    BricsCAD allows you to analyse kinematics, assemble joints using 3D restraints and produce detailed 3D animations of any mechanism using these parametric relationships.
  • Materials and Mass Properties
    When assigning materials to parts of your assemblies, BricsCAD is able to compute weight, center of gravity and main inertia axes amongst other variables.
  • Exchange
    BricsCAD welcomes data imports from popular MCAD formats like Solidworks®, Inventor®, and Creo.
  • Sheet metal design
    Stop rebuilding your failed models and spend more time designing for manufacturability. BricsCAD Mechanical lets you create, import, rework and unfold sheet metal parts created using lofted solids.
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