Pressure Rerating Assessment



Oil & Gas


PV Elite, Re-rating


UK - England


In order to utilise existing equipment for new purposes, an oil & gas client required an assessment of their existing equipment to ensure that the equipment would remain safe under the new, increased, operating conditions. This equipment included pressure vessels such as columns, drums, and heat exchangers.


The challenge

The set of equipment in question had been in operation for multiple decades. To qualify the re-rating of this equipment without replicating the original design calculations would require careful consideration.

pressure rerating assessment

The DOCAN solution

Using a combination of manual calculations and the PV Elite pressure vessel modelling software, we conducted a full assessment of each vessel to determine if any of the vessels would become non-code compliant due to the rerating and what remedial action may be required.

This work also included a review of the vessel foundation for suitability under hydrotesting, and a review of Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) on the client’s behalf.

piping and instrumentation diagram

The outcome

The client now has a codified assessment which can be used to substantiate the rerating of the vessels and has confidence that the vessels will remain safe for the rest of their service life.


Project summary

TaskApplicationDOCAN ExpertisePressure VesselsReratingHeat ExchangersPV ELITEWind LoadingSeismic Loading
Proficiency in use of engineering standardsBS5500
EN 1998:1/Eurocode 8
AnalysisInformation gathering