CFD for international food production company





CFD, Mechanical systems




The challenge

A new client to DOCAN (an international manufacturing company) in the food industry had run into a design ‘dead-end’ and was searching for insight into the fundamental behaviour of fluid flow within a new area of product development.

This was a highly sensitive project and as such we can’t show any details, however, this is an example of where our engineering expertise can be applied outside of our core areas of work.

food production

The DOCAN solution

Our solution was to apply CFD methods to understand how fluid flowed throughout the product and the sensitivity to design changes.

Although this was in the food industry which was a new area for DOCAN to work in, the engineering fundamentals still apply to:

  • Modelling of non-Newtonian liquids
  • Determining pressure drops and velocity changes in fluid flow
  • Modelling of mechanical systems, sliding interference fits, large deformation effects, etc.

The outcome

The project was run over the course of several weeks, with weekly update meetings to review results to show the effects of design changes, and to provide direction for further work thus avoiding unnecessary physical testing and the potential cost of wasted tooling.


Project summary

TaskApplicationDOCAN Associate ExpertiseCFDSiemens FloEFDHealth and Safety
CAD geometryBuild 3D model
CFD model buildingModified Parts and Meshing
Flow rates & boundary conditions
ReportingInformation summary