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DOCAN have worked with many smaller companies to operate as an extension to increase engineering resource, ranging from general engineering expertise, to project management, design (including design activities, testing, analysis and simulation, etc.), and in any other way needed to support the client.


The challenge

One of our clients is an SME manufacturing company, who required additional engineering resources to support a New Product Development (NPD) project.

This project required the supply of guidance and mentoring for the client’s own junior engineer staff, overall management of the R&D function of the business for this project, and to steer development of the project working within a Stage Gate development process.

project gantt chart

The DOCAN solution

Combined with remote access to the client’s IT systems, DOCAN was able to manage the project, using site visits and remote meetings to work with the engineers. We were also able to assist the client by providing a simulation and analysis resource within DOCAN to supplement their own in-house capabilities and software tools.

engineering project support

The outcome

The outcome of this project was that once R&D activities had been completed with DOCAN’s support, the client could then progress to tooling procurement within the required timescales having expediated the R&D stage of the project, without having to commit to any new permanent staff, or have to bring in an independent contractor that would not have the benefit of a larger back-office support.


Project summary

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