Dynamic Pipe Stress Analysis



Power Generation


PSA, Flownex, Transient, Dynamic


UK - England


A silencer for a high-pressure steam vent line required validation in the event of a pressure safety valve (PSV) opening on a UK power station.


The challenge

The client required to understand the dynamic piping loads that would be present on the vent line during the PSV opening to verify the integrity of the line, to then be able to verify if the pipe remained design code compliant during the PSV event.

dynamic pipe stress analysis

The DOCAN solution

We used a combination of 1D Thermo-fluids network analysis and Pipe Stress Analysis (PSA) to model and determine the transient loads that would be generated due to steam flow within the pipe and the corresponding dynamic response of the pipe, the stresses generated on the pipe, and the loads transferred to the supports.

1D Thermo fluids network analysis and Pipe Stress Analysis

The outcome

We worked with the client to supply them the necessary information to confirm the integrity of their system.


Project summary

TaskApplicationDOCAN Design ExpertiseFlownexPSAROHR2
Piping system modellingInformation review
Thermofluid network buildingModel import and export features
Flow rates & boundary conditions
Piping AnalysisTransient Scenario
Support loads

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