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Abaqus Unified FEA


A complete suite of nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver, Abaqus FEA is part of Dassault Systemes SIMULIA family of modelling and simulation products.


ABAQUS FEA Capabilities

The ABAQUS FEA suite provides powerful, robust and fast solutions for both routine and realistic engineering problems covering a wide range of industrial applications such as dynamics vibration, nonlinear/static, impact/collide, failure/fatigue analysis and contact problems.

Well-known companies around the world are utilising Abaqus, in order to reduce the costs and inefficiencies of products in less spent time with accurate solutions.

Key capabilities:

  • FEA and Multiphysics
  • Contact problems simulation
  • Wide range of sophisticated material
  • Failure and fatigue analysis
  • Python language and GUI feature
abaqus fea software

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Complete solution for pre- and post-processor needs.

Abaqus/CAE allows designers to maximise the full range of Abaqus functionality, such as sketch, edit, monitor, diagnose and visualise the analysis. Understanding Abaqus concepts such as parts, materials, assembly and interaction make the analysis process highly insightful.

  • User friendly interface
    The powerful, easy to use interface offers easy ways to set up simulations, apply multi step approaches and interpret results.
  • Import & create 2D and 3D geometry
    The software can read geometry in many common 3D files, or allows engineers to set up geometry from scratch to perform simulations on.
  • Repair and simplify geometry
    With the help of virtual topology tools, users can simplify geometry and repair imperfections.
  • Advanced meshing tools
    Users can apply structured meshing, surface meshing, solid meshing, sweep meshing and bottom-up meshing with automatic & manual adaptive remeshing tools.
abaqus cae


The implicit solver for non-linear/static and low-speed dynamics applications.

Abaqus/Standard utilises solution technology best for nonlinear/static and low speed dynamics events where highly accurate stress solutions are vital required. Abaqus/Standard can analyse a model both in time and frequency domain in one single simulation.

The results obtained by Abaqus/Standard at any stage can be used as the starting point for extension in Abaqus/Explicit. In similar manner, any analysis started at Abaqus/Explicit can be continued in Abaqus/Standard.

abaqus standard


The explicit solver for high-speed dynamics applications.

Abaqus/Explicit is a tool that utilises explicit integration schemes to provide solutions for high-speed dynamics events with many sophisticated behaviours such as contacts under transient loads. By solving these kinds of problems, Abaqus/Explicit becomes ideal for the simulation of quasi-static problems, such as steel beam intrusion and slow crushing of energy absorbing devices.

abaqus explicit

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DOCAN is an authorised distributor of Dassault Systemes product suite, fully licensed to resell the Abaqus Unified FEA – SIMULIA™ software to engineers.

As a Dassault Systemes partner, we offer training and guidance to clients who are looking to utilise the tools to their full potential. Through our bespoke training programmes, we can help to seamlessly integrate Abaqus into your business, and ensure your team is fully equipped to maximise the software.