We’re often designing new technology, but there is significantly more old technology which still has plenty of life remaining.

Recently, our Advanced Engineering team has been working on a major energy project for one of our international clients – where there are varying degrees of damage.

FEA of energy system component

To conduct this work, we used a combination of methods:

  • Materials testing to characterise strength, toughness, ductility, transition, composition, and microstructure
  • Defect inspection to classify the defect as having cracks, poor fusion, laminations, phase change, etc
  • CAD modelling with SolidWorks to describe the geometry of the equipment and its defects
  • Finite Element Analysis using Abaqus for linear and non-linear to determine stress, stability, collapse resistance, stress intensity, local stress, thermal stress, linearized stress, etc.
  • Fracture mechanics using the FAD approach with TWI Crackwise to complete BS7910 Options 1 to 3 FAD assessments and confirm if defects are stable, and if they will grow.

This type of work helps to keep industry moving efficiently and safely. DOCAN can work with a variety of different design codes to design new systems or keep current systems up and running.

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