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The challenge

DOCAN have been supporting Webster Technologies in the design and development of their ROCKHIT and ROCKWHEEL equipment.


The DOCAN solution

We have employed a range of different services to support various aspects of this project, which have included:

  • Optioneering of design concepts
  • Hand calculation for sizing of components, stress calculation, hertzian stress calcs., bearing selection, etc.
  • Conducting FEA using the ABAQUS/CAE FEA package, including implicit and explicit methods with linear elastic and hyper-elastic materials, to model the equipment during use and identify load cases to be used as a basis for design.

The outcome

"We have been working on a very challenging design, involving high speed impact, for a number of years now. I wish we had engaged with DOCAN from the start as it would have saved us time and money. Their engineering knowledge and FEA software has proved to be a huge asset to the project. I can now see that if I had worked with this company in the past I would have released products much faster."
Ian Webster
Chairman, Webster Technologies

Project summary

TaskApplicationDOCAN ExpertiseHand calculationsABAQUS implicit/explicit3D modelling
Mechanical systems designFabricated structures
Bolted connections

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