MARC subroutines using FORTRAN





Postprocessing, Calculation, MAPLE, FEA, DSET


UK, Cheshire


MARC has broad capabilities for user adaptation using FORTRAN coding. At DOCAN, we have experience with Intel Fortran and NAG Fortran with Routines, as well as other languages such as C++, C# and Python.

One particularly useful feature is to allow users to define calculated values as results that can be plotted in the postprocessor with a contour plot.

This helps accurately evaluate certain parameters on a node-by-node basis, greatly improving our ability to efficiently perform code compliant analyses using MSC MARC.

The challenge

To develop time saving tools that can expedite analyses by providing custom field plots which can be used in results post processing.


The DOCAN solution

Once the parameters of interest were identified, DOCAN produced an executable user subroutine file that can be used by MARC to perform calculations. These were verified by exporting tabulated component results and performing the set-up calculation independently to MARC and comparing this to the output of the user defined calculation from MARC to confirm success.


The outcome

Once set up, no further post processing is required to perform design code calculations as these are performed internally in MARC, allowing simple review of model contours. Similar processes can be applied to other codes such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, Fluent and more.


Project summary

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Code calculationTriaxial Stresses
Local failure check
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Independent checking