Developing fundamental research in renewables

Developing fundamental research in renewables

We get involved in all stages of a lifecycle and have recently been working on a new long-term R&D project related to CFD and renewables.

Over the years, DOCAN have conducted thermo-fluids and CFD projects for many clients in many industries. We have a long-term project with one of our clients to help develop cutting-edge subsea renewables technology.

Although we can’t give the details away, as part of our study, we benchmark our new designs to NACA Airfoils which have known drag and lift characteristics. In this situation, we use 3D CFD.

using 3d cfd to benchmark designs

Using 3D CFD backed up with benchmarking, we are able to optimise the wing shape to minimise losses and maximise torque for given streams of flow.

optimising wing shape design

We utilise the Fluid Dynamic results with 1D coupling which enables us to size the wing and associated machine. Later we will use full 2-way CFD/Stress coupling.

using fluid dynamics and 1d coupling

The aims of this research are to develop the technology readiness from TRL1 to TRL4 to prove the concept and mitigate most of the CAPEX and OPEX risks and then go for the next level of funding.

The next level of funding thereafter will include design for manufacture and create huge economies of scale whilst being environmentally friendly.

For our client, they will help develop and retain the IP which in the end will create a tangible system with huge value in terms of initial funding streams, initial value and reoccurring value.

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