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Ansys Fluent CFD Software


A flagship product within the Ansys software suite, Fluent is an industry-leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software recognised for its robust physics modelling capabilities and accurate analysis.

DOCAN’s advanced CFD consulting services leverage the powerful capabilities of Fluent to conduct detailed fluid dynamics simulations, providing critical insights into how fluids interact with structures, components, and systems.

Working with clients across a range of industries to help solve their complex fluid flow and heat transfer problems, Ansys Fluent’s capabilities are instrumental in the way we optimise designs for enhanced performance and efficiency.


Why we use Ansys Fluent

Having market-leading tools at our disposal is essential to ensuring that we are providing clients with value-led solutions, and Ansys Fluent is widely regarded as one of the most advanced CFD software in the world.

Our expertise are often required across various high-technology sectors including power generation, renewable energy, aerospace and more. Ansys Fluent offers incredible versatility in simulating fluid flow, heat transfer, and related phenomena in complex geometries and diverse industries. This enables us to deliver state-of-the-art CFD solutions to any project no matter the scope or complexity.

We utilise Fluent to address multiphysics challenges, where fluid dynamics intertwines with heat transfer, chemical reactions, and more. This approach ensures a thorough analysis, critical for industries such as chemical engineering and oil & gas.

Combining the use of Fluent with our existing engineering knowledge and expertise, our engineers can effectively simulate and analyse fluid dynamic scenarios that closely mirror real-world conditions, identifying any potential challenges and fine-tuning designs to ensure precisely engineered solutions.

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Key capabilities

Ansys Fluent allows advanced physics modelling and the analyses of a variety of fluid phenomena all in one platform. Some of its core capabilities include:

  • Versatile fluid dynamics simulation – including laminar and turbulent flows, compressible and incompressible flows, and more
  • Multiphase flow simulation – supporting the simulation of multiphase flows, where multiple phases (liquids, gases, or solids) coexist
  • Heat transfer analysis – accurate simulation of heat transfer phenomena, including conduction, convection and radiation
  • Reactive flow simulation – provides insights into applications involving chemical reactions
  • Combustion modelling – simulation of combustion processes in engines, furnaces and other applications

The software can be used for CFD simulations of varying complexity but is highly specialised and requires a deep understanding of fluid mechanics and CFD techniques to utilise it to its full potential.

Through our consulting services, our client’s projects can benefit from this advanced and accurate technology without needing the in-house skills or resources to do so.

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How we can use Ansys Fluent to help with your project

Solving complex fluid flow problems is an area of specialisation for our team of engineers who are highly proficient in Ansys Fluent and other market-leading software. By leveraging these tools, we reassure clients that their projects are backed by state-of-the-art technology, contributing to superior outcomes.

We’re committed to delivering accurate, versatile and optimised solutions to every project and with access to advanced technology, we can do that in a way that’s both cost-effective and time-efficient for our clients. We take great pride in our ability to overcome the most intricate engineering challenges, and we’ll always use the best tools for the job – whether that’s Ansys Fluent or any other software.

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Working with DOCAN

Working with DOCAN, you have direct access to a large network of experienced professionals and industry-leading software to drive your project forward. If you want to know how we can help, get in touch with us.