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TANK® Design Software


Hexagon’s TANK® design software is a comprehensive tool used to facilitate the design, analysis and evaluation of oil storage tanks.

As an engineering consultancy with advanced specialisms in pressure vessels, TANK® is one of many state-of-the-art tools we utilise here at DOCAN, where our client’s projects require the accurate and reliable design and verification of any tank or pressure vessel.


Why we use TANK®

When working with clients on their engineering projects, it’s crucial to us that we provide them with the most time-efficient, effective solution that meets their objectives. For this, we enlist the help of industry-leading software to add further value to our services by increasing our accuracy and efficiency.

When it comes to storage tank and pressure vessel designs, TANK® plays a pivotal role in ensuring structural integrity and compliance. Using the software, we can perform accurate calculations for various aspects of tank design, including shell thickness, roof structures, nozzles, and foundations, adhering to industry codes and standards.

Invaluable in optimising storage tank designs, it considers factors such as material selection, loadings, and operational conditions. Through this, we can assess the structural reliability of tanks under different loading scenarios, verifying that they meet safety requirements, regulatory guidelines and our client’s expectations.

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Key capabilities

The software can be utilised for efficient storage tank design across various industries, with many powerful features including:

  • Accurate analysis of oil storage tanks
  • Calculations in accordance with the latest API Standards 579, 620, 650 and 653
  • Calculate air venting requirements to API 2000 Section 4.3
  • International design codes and materials
  • Graphical representation of analysis models
tank engineering software design codes

How we can use TANK® to help with your project

Our team of engineers, designers and consultants are experts in analysing and optimising storage tank designs to varying scales and complexity. We work across various industries including oil & gas, power generation and nuclear, and can overcome the most complex engineering challenges that your project faces.

We rely on our in-house skills and knowledge to deliver solutions that exceed expectations, whilst utilising industry-leading software such as TANK® to ensure the project is both time-efficient and cost-effective for our clients. If you don’t have the skills or resources to facilitate this level of accuracy in-house, we can help.

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Working with DOCAN

Working with DOCAN, you have direct access to a large network of experienced professionals and industry-leading software to drive your project forward. If you want to know how we can help, get in touch with us.