CFD analysis of mud pump for drilling applications



Offshore O&G


Tanks, CFD




The challenge

One of DOCAN’s clients had an issue where high-pressure drilling mud pumps were occasionally starving. They wanted to understand the root cause of the issue plus any modifications which could be made to stop the issue.

cfd analysis of mud pump

The DOCAN solution

DOCAN went through an open-minded fault-finding process with our client, and through analysis using the Volume of Fluids (VoF) method in CFD using ANSYS Fluent, found that air was being accumulated near the inlet of the priming pumps.


The outcome

We have proposed a modification to the design of the pump feed tank, as well as additional studies to be completed to understand the sensitivity of this issue to different mud compositions.


Project summary

TaskApplicationDOCAN ExpertiseANSYS Fluent
CAD geometry3D geometry preparation
CFDVOF method
Transient analysis
Root Cause Failure AnalysisO&G applications