Using ROHR2 to solve dynamic problems in piping and pipelines

Using ROHR2 to solve dynamic problems in piping and pipelines

One of our recent projects involved the development of a dynamic, code-compliant piping system.

We use many industry-leading engineering software solutions here at DOCAN, to enhance our processes and deliverables.

When we need to look at dynamic problems in piping and pipelines, our go-to technology is ROHR2. We also use Caesar II and other systems as needed.

How we use ROHR2

In this example, our client has a pulsing slug which the original designers didn’t properly consider, causing near instant damage on startup. We modelled dynamically using the transient solver and can correlate the dynamic displacement to video amplification – with a near perfect match in both displacement and frequency.

The alternative method is static equivalent which we would always look at, and it shows a very bad correlation.

Next step

Update the support configuration without making the piping thermally stiffer and design the new supports and structure, and take the dynamic load back to ground.

End result

Dynamic piping system with long term life, and code compliant for all code cases.

DOCAN’s team of engineering consultants has extensive experience solving a wide range of problems within piping networks and pipelines. If you need engineering support, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.