Assessing creep damage on a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Power Recovery Train

Assessing creep damage on a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Power Recovery Train

How we carried out extremely technical and challenging work on a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Power Recovery Train for our refinery client.

DOCAN works with clients across many different industries including oil & gas. Recently, we had several discussions with one of the largest refiners in the UK. We went over some of our past projects, one of which included a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Power Recovery Train (or FCC PRT).

For the refining process, the addition of an FCC PRT can offer significant efficiencies, but they are complex systems to design, construct, maintain and operate. They include complex high temperature physics, sensitive rotating equipment, extreme thermal expansion and complex supporting requirements – several forms of damage mechanics. To solve, many forms of technology are required.

For this project, our clients’ system suffered significant creep damage and unloading of the complex 36″ pipe support system from the turbo expander to the vessel, causing various forms of damage.

Our scope was to:

  1. Establish damage to the turbo and vessel
  2. Give mitigations and future life
  3. Re-design and re-spec the system as needed
  4. Develop a refurbish scope
  5. Develop a lifting plan and lifting scheme to remove the old bellows system (with a specialist exoskeleton frame as needed)


  • Laser scanning as-built model
  • CFD thermo-fluid analysis
  • Stress assessment of vessels (including creep life, shakedown and fatigue)
  • Pipe Stress Analysis of system with re-design of supporting system, and reselection and specification/analysis of complex bellows
  • Construction drawings of the overall system, including testing and commissioning sequences

The 3D model shown below is our Solidworks 3D CAD model of part of the lifting out sequence with designed bellows mechanical stops.

Fluid Catalytic Converter Power Recovery Train

Our added value was to use experience and technology to produce a piece of extremely technical and challenging work accurately and safely, and within the agreed time frame and budget.

How we can help your project

If you are considering bringing new technology to your site, or have a multi-stranded complex issue (or want to bring an FCC PRT back to life) come to team DOCAN.

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