Plant Design


CADWorx® Plant Professional provides a complete solution for engineers looking to execute efficient plant design, for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

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CADWorx® Plant Professional Capabilities

  • Intelligent Process Diagrams
    Synchronise your 3d models with your P&IDs using smart productivity tools which enable effective change management control.
  • Auto-Routing
    Save time and increase productivity with automatically generated accurate 3D piping models.
  • Auto Isometrics
    Improve efficiency with Isogen® automated isometric drawing production from project databases or piping layouts.
  • Piping Specifications
    Access a catalogue of ready-to-use international specifications in metric and imperial formats, for creating parametrically-driven piping specifications.
  • Equipment Modelling
    Generate the most complete plant models with powerful equipment modelling capabilities, with the tools needed to import and export equipment data from CADWorx Plant into PV Elite.
  • Collision Checking
    Avoid conflicts with your current model and external files with CADWorx Clash Detection.
  • Walkthrough Capabilities
    Streamline the review process with CadWorx Design Review for 3D design and model visualisation with intelligent collaboration and markup tools.
CADWorx Plant Professional


CADWorx® Design Review

Collaborate and review designs more efficiently with CADWorx Design Review. 

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  • Quicker Review Cycles
    Collaborate and review designs more quickly and intuitively with CADWorx Design Review. Improve collaboration with tools for markups, design comments and redlining. With 3D, users can reduce the need to interpret designs via paper printouts and other non-interactive methods.
  • Stunning Performance
    The intuitive interface of CADWorx Design Review and its performance-based design makes manipulating and moving around even the largest models quick and smooth.
  • Automatic Isometrics
    Isometrics drawings can be produced from piping layouts or project databases. CADWorx Plant Professional includes Isogen® for automated isometric Production.
  • Ideal for Multi-model Designs
    There is no need to manually load the separate model files that make up a design. If files are externally referenced, these are automatically included in the review model.
  • Accurate Visualization
    Powerful visualization tools provide settings for color, transparency and model shadows. With flexible selection sets, it is also possible to adjust settings, not only for single components, but for xref’s, line numbers, etc. – in fact, for any selection set available to the user.
CADWorx Design Review

CADWorx® Structure

Create effortless 3D models of steel and concrete structural designs with intelligent workflows.

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  • Time-Saving 3D Modeling
    Create fully intelligent, 3D structural models with the unparalleled flexibility and collaboration of a DWG-based system. Choose your shapes or assemblies from a diverse library and utilize grid systems to accurately build your structures and communicate project layouts.
  • Comprehensive Steel Shape Catalogues
    International catalogs of steel shape libraries in both imperial and metric units are included with CADWorx Structure, providing the necessary steel shapes for accurately representing steel members in your 3D model.
  • Easy-To-Place Assemblies
    Whether your project includes industry standards or your company has developed its own standard, CADWorx Structure allows the designer to replicate the necessary arrangement of these traffic items. Many customization options are built in so that these assembly objects can reflect the scenarios encountered in industrial applications
  • Drawings
    Eeasily create 2D drawings of 3D models with native dimensioning and annotations. Typical general arrangement drawings include single linesteel and 2D representations that support multiple views.
  • Reuse Your Structural Model
    Using an industry standard import/export format, easily export the structural model to a structural analysis package such as GT STRUDL®, saving many man-hours of rework.
CADWorx Structure


Easily create intelligent process diagrams fast and efficiently with CADWorx P&ID.

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  • Intelligent Process Diagrams
    Quick and easy creation of fully intelligent P&IDs without the need to change the current look and feel of existing drawings, symbols, or corporate standards.
  • Specification-Driven P&IDs
    Options for P&ID components to be placed using piping specifications, thereby improving accuracy and enabling component checks against the plant model.
  • Industry-Standard Symbols
    Includes an extensive symbol library with a programming-free interface that enables complete access to existing corporate symbols and assemblies, giving them full CADWorx functionality and intelligence.
  • Bi-Directional Project Databases
    Create user-defined project databases with no database knowledge required. Project databases are bidirectionally linked to project drawings, ensuring both database and drawings are continually in synch.
  • Project Document Links
    Link any amount of information or number of documents to P&ID components and store this information in project databases for further processing.

CADWorx® Orthogen

Automatically create 2D plans, sections and elevations drawings from CADWorx Plant Professional 3D models with Orthogen®.

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  • Integrated with AutoCAD®
    The integrated drawing interface quickly reads properties directly from CADWorx model files. Users can auto-annotate and conduct other 2D embellishments through viewports.
  • Multiple Viewports and xRefs
    OrthoGen enables the use of multiple viewports and utilizes data from xRefs up to three levels deep. With this flexibility, users can create drawings representing multiple scales and views.
  • Flexible Settings and Standards Creation
    Select from thousands of option combinations that can be saved as drawings styles for future individual or group use. In addition, the production mode interface provides easy enforcement of project standards and comes with 40 predefined and editable drawing styles, so users can be up and running in no time.
  • Easy Label Repositioning and Modification
    Take advantage of basic AutoCAD commands to move and rotate labels. Edits are preserved when running updates on the drawing, eliminating unnecessary rework. Users can also add additional dimensions, hatching, notes, details and more.
  • Automatic Column Grid References
    Creating a single grid model helps to coordinate and automate the placement of grid labels for all drawings on a project. Grid models provide a firm dimensional base that helps eliminate guesswork and the introduction of errors.
CADWorx Orthogen