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    About DOCAN

    We are an Engineering Consultancy and Software Distributor with a team of experienced, Professional Engineers, Designers and Consultants. Our primary experience is in the application of advanced engineering.

    We have worked in most regulated industries completing large and small projects. These range from bespoke R&D, large FEED studies, detailed engineering design to reverse engineering, fitness for service and decommissioning studies. We have formed partnerships with several global Software Houses offering the ability to consult, train, develop and distribute cutting edge solutions to our clients worldwide.

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    Established in 2017, our team of professional engineers, designers and consultants bring together expertise, powerful technologies and a wealth of industry experience as a growing engineering consultancy that solves problems.

    Our culture, setup and experience are tailored to working on high integrity systems within highly regulated industries, while having to deliver to challenging timescales and budgets. Our verification processes follow the requirements of our ISO 9001 QMS and are compatible with those companies which operate in highly regulated industries.


    Multi-industry engineering consultancy

    We bring expertise, powerful technologies, industry experience and insights to help our clients solve their problems.

    Learn more about the industries we operate in.

    • Renewables
      We have vast and direct experience in the renewable energy industry, offering consultancy services covering all environmental, regulatory, technical, and commercial aspects of renewable technologies.
    • Oil & Gas
      We provide full-scope technical, analytical, engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry.
    • Nuclear
      We are a team of professional engineers and associates with a deep level of understanding and expertise of the nuclear industry.
    • High-Tech
      Our engineers and consultants have direct experience in the high-tech industries, working with major electronic OEMs on R&D projects and also provide theoretical and software training.
    • Manufacturing
      With experience across a wide range of manufacturing processes & applications, we provide expert manufacturing engineering consultancy services and solutions.
    • Land, Sea & Air
      We have worked with clients across a range of industries covering transportation and mobility, from simulation of off-road construction equipment and design of transportation vehicle components, to manufacturing in the automotive sector, through to design of aircraft structures.
    • Reverse Engineering
      We have undertaken many projects that required reverse engineering of existing structures in order to develop, design and install new equipment.
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    In addition to our partnerships with leading software vendors, we have access and experience with a wide range of design and simulation products.

    If you require a consultancy project to be completed with a specific tool please get in touch to discuss your requirements.