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FEPipe FEA Software


FEPipe is a specialist FEA software specifically designed for pressure vessel and pressure systems analysis.

DOCAN has access to various FEA software packages but when working on pressure vessel and piping systems, FEPipe is often our go-to tool due to its advanced analytical capabilities and compliance with international standards.


Why we use FEPipe

When we’re working with a client on a project which involves pressure systems or piping networks, we focus on three critical aspects: safety, reliability and efficiency. Enlisting the help of industry-leading tools like FEPipe ensures that we can deliver our clients a robust solution that meets all of their needs.

The software perfectly complements our FEA consultancy services, providing detailed and accurate stress analysis using advanced Finite Element Analysis techniques. This ensures that all designs are based on precise data, reducing the risk of errors and failures. Whether we’re working with a client in the oil and gas, power generation, or nuclear industries, we recognise that precision is paramount.

The software is flexible to requirements and can facilitate the design of everything from high-pressure piping systems for refineries to corrosion-resistant piping networks for chemical processing plants.

UsingFEPipe we can perform comprehensive analysis, evaluating the system under various load cases and assessing the impact of dynamic loads to ensure it can withstand all operational conditions.

It’s an all-encompassing software that allows for the design and assessment of all components within a pressure or piping system, from the outside structure to the inside components using additional features such as NozzlePro.

fepipe fea software for pressure systems


A specialised feature within the FEPipe software suite, NozzlePro is specifically used for the design and analysis of nozzles and related components in piping systems.

It looks at nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips in pressure vessels and piping systems using FEA to provide accurate assessments of stresses, strains, and deformations in these critical areas.

It’s a unique tool which brings its own benefits to the FEPipe suite, most notably its ability to quickly create 3D models of single components and provide an accurate code-compliant report.

With a comprehensive component library, it enables us to work on a range of standard nozzle and branch figurations whilst seamlessly integrating with the broader FEPipe suite to allow for the in-depth analysis of entire piping systems.

We’re often asked to work on many intricate elements of piping systems, so having access to Nozzle Pro ensures that we have the right tools needed to quickly analyse components with a high degree of accuracy.

nozzle pro

Key capabilities of FEPipe

FEPipe includes a variety of features and capabilities to automate and create efficiency for pressure vessel and piping design & analysis. Some of these include:

  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Stress and load analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Code Compliance
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Level 2 & 3 Fitness-for-Service Analysis

FEPipe is suitable for a wide range of projects, making it versatile and scalable for any of our clients’ needs. We work with all major design codes, and FEPipe complies with ASME BPV Section VIII Division 2 guidelines, making it ideal for planning to ASME requirements.

fepipe fea software

How we can use FEPipe software to help with your project

DOCAN’s team of highly skilled engineers and designers specialise in working across the entire lifecycle of piping networks and pressure systems. We have unrivalled expertise in this field and can work across all industries and applications.

Our in-house skills and experience are backed by the industry-leading software we use. We make it a priority to deliver technology-led solutions to our clients, ensuring they remain competitive in their industry by implementing software such as FEPipe if it suits their needs.

fepipe software for pressure systems

Working with DOCAN

Working with DOCAN, you have direct access to a large network of experienced professionals and industry-leading software to drive your project forward. If you want to know how we can help, get in touch with us.