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PowerFLOW CFD software


PowerFLOW is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tool that performs accurate simulations to estimate real-world conditions.

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The PowerFLOW CFD Suite

Improve product design & development using PowerFLOW fluid dynamics simulation software

Using the PowerFLOW suite, engineers predict product performance in the early stages of the design process before the prototype is being developed, where changes in products have a substantial effect on design and cost.

PowerFLOW CFD software can deal with fully complex model geometry and precisely and effectively performs aerodynamics, aero-acoustic and thermal management simulations. Overall, the main aim of this suite is to simplify the product evaluation workflow.

cfd simulation with powerflow

PowerFLOW Features

  • Automated meshing
    No need for manual volume meshing and boundary layer meshing with automated domain discretization and turbulence modeling with wall treatment.
  • CFD simulations
    PowerFLOW CFD solution performs simulations that accurately predict real world conditions.
  • Complex physics modelling
    Utilize moving geometries and Local Reference Frames (LRF), particle modeling, heat exchanger modeling, porous media with flow, thermal and acoustic effects; Realistic Wind for on-road turbulent wind conditions to simulate real world effects.
  • Coupled thermal simulation
    Simulate conjugate heat transfer problems with surface and volume conduction, thermal radiation and human thermal using built-in variable interval coupling with PowerTHERM.
  • Coupled heat exchange solution
    Simulate effect of multiple heat exchangers for underhood thermal using coupled PowerCOOL.
powerflow cfd program

Get started with PowerFLOW CFD Simulation Software

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