Assessing 1D & 3D fluid dynamic or thermo-fluid problems

Assessing 1D & 3D fluid dynamic or thermo-fluid problems

Combining Flownex and Ansys Fluent to create a quick, efficient and effective fluid dynamic analysis.

When it comes to assessing fluid-dynamic or thermo-fluid problems, there are a plethora of methods available. For real engineering systems, software is mostly needed which is either 1D or 3D.

Which fluid dynamics software?

For process engineering, pipeline engineering, systems or networks, 1D systems can be used to model anything from a heat exchanger, all the way up to a refinery, nuclear reactor, or even a rocket engine.

For detailed engineering, often the 1D methods are insufficient, and they require 3D methods.

DOCAN’s highly skilled engineers have unrivalled experience in solving fluid dynamics problems, helping clients solve a wide range of thermo-fluid problems. We have experience in both 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics and 3D CFD. We are also long-term users and distributors of the ubiquities Flownex, as well as users of Ansys Fluent.

A major advantage of both Flownex and Ansys Fluent is that they can be linked.

computational fluid dynamics

Linking Flownex and Ansys Fluent

Imagine you have a complex system with a few complex detailed 3D equipment which may affect the system. Fortunately, if you have Ansys Fluent, this can be linked with Flownex, and the 3D CFD system can be changed on the fly with Flownex.

Combining the two systems creates a quick, efficient and effective CFD process compared to modelling everything in 3D and waiting for it to be solved.

This technique has proven successful when implemented on a range of applications including flow-induced corrosion, filter tanks and separation, heat exchanger pressure drops and efficiency, as well as classic systems modelling accounting for NSHP and pumps and distributions.

How we can help

If you want to use the most appropriate methods for your thermo-fluids problems, get in touch with us. DOCAN operates via a BSI-audited QMS to ISO9001:2015.