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3DEXPERIENCE Works engineering design software is a powerful product development solution, helping engineers and designers to conceptualise, create, validate and manage product development from concept to completion.

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3DEXPERIENCE Engineering Design Software

Designed with efficiency and collaboration in mind, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Design software solution includes all of the tools needed for superior product design and production.

In one single cloud environment, engineers and designers can work effectively to produce higher quality products faster and at a lower cost. The collaborative interface eliminates the need for data to be transferred between teams and departments, reducing the risk of errors and intelligence gaps whilst speeding up the process.

With one seamlessly integrated and managed system, designers and engineers can work throughout the entire product development lifecycle on aesthetics, functionality, ease, of use, fitness for purpose, and quality.

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3DEXPERIENCE Works engineering design software is a comprehensive suite of tools, providing you with complete access to various subdomains including mechanical engineering, fluid design and electrical engineering.

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3dexperience equipment systems

Equipment Systems

3dexperience shape and style

Shape & Style



Inside 3DEXPERIENCE Works, you’ll have full access to powerful design software for mechanical engineering. The unique functionalities meet the demands of designers and engineers, capable of fulfilling short product development cycles of the most complex products.

The collaborative interface means that mechanical engineers and designers can create and share designs easily and quickly with key stakeholders, helping to drive the efficiency of feedback in the early stages of product development. In one single cloud environment, all design data is securely stored and can be easily accessed, reviewed, and approved at any time, anywhere.

solidworks mechanical

Equipment Systems

3DEXPERIENCE Works engineering design software allows designers to optimise the logical and physical design of the complete product. Equipped with features that help to improve electrical and fluid systems quality, design time and material costs can be significantly reduced throughout the process.

  • For Fluid:
    - Design and optimize the physical system of both rigid and flexible pipes/tubes and HVAC from basic routing definition to detailed design
    - Take advantage of specification driven design and automated part placement capabilities to ensure compliance with corporate and industry standards
    - Create spools and all necessary associative drawings and reports
  • For Electrical Schematics:
    - Create schematics, control panel layouts, and documentation for manufacturing
    - Speed development by leveraging existing libraries of electrical content
    - Reuse portions of existing electrical designs using circuit macros
  • For Electrical 3D:
    - Design and optimize electrical 3D harness bundles and cableways accurately in the context of the full product
    - Route 3D wires and cables to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cable lengths
3dexperience equipment systems

Shape & Style

Design 3D organic shapes quickly and easily with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Shape & Style. The software allows designers to create visually exciting and ergonomic products faster and more efficiently by utilising subdivision modelling.

Shape & Style features generative design tools which enable designers to explore and generate styling patterns and shapes, inspired by nature.

Through the collaborative cloud software, designs can be created and experienced in life-size with stereoscopic visualisation, and teams can work together to jointly investigate and make decisions in real-time. Share high-end, real-time and interactive photorealistic visuals with a rendering tool for non-specialists to understand the product in real-world scenarios.

3dexperience shape and style

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