Dassault Systemes

Modelling and Simulation Software


DOCAN have officially launched a Software Distribution business with Dassault Systemes, to provide our clients world leading engineering modelling and simulation tools from the 3DEXPERIENCE range of products.


The 3DEXPERIENCE suite of applications provides engineers access to industry-leading FEA, CFD and CAD tools to aid all design stages of modelling, simulation, analysis and visualising from one place.

DOCAN are a trusted and approved sales partner for these products.

If you want a quick, efficient, straightforward, face-to-face sales process, go no further and talk to the DOCAN team.


Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform encompasses various modelling and simulation software solutions including ABAQUS, Solidworks and PowerFLOW. Learn more about each software below.

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DOCAN offers a range of simulation & analysis engineering consultancy services including stress analysis, pipe stress analysis and fluid dynamics. We can employ the 3DEXPERIENCE suite of products to analyse complex phenomena and solve engineering issues, along with training your team to use the software in-house.

Read more about each service below.